Change is the only constant in life

Where have I been these past six/seven months or so? Well…. it is LIST TIME! Here are the following things that I have done since my last blog post …back in March (EEK):

1) Graduated Law School

2) Studied for the bar

3) Passed the bar!

4) Moved to the City

5) Started a new job

6) Started looking for a more permanent position (AND secured one, by the grace of God)

7) Revived my social life to a level it has never been at before

So…amidst all of these changes, I have neglected the one hobby which brings me a great deal of enjoyment. For that, I apologize dear blog. I need to revamp you entirely. It is time for a facelift. I also think that my posts are going to shift from being primarily movie reviews to also including general musings on the law and life.

We are living in a depressing era where police brutality not only occurs on a daily basis, but is institutionally tolerated. Anyway, it feels good to type up something that isn’t for work and that doesn’t have to do with an exam of any sort. I promise to get back in the swing of things for my own sanity.


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